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Jodo (杖道:じょうどう) – Japanese martial art, fencing with short staff jo (杖,  jo) that is used against sword.
Jodo is third martial art that together with kendo and iaido makes program of All Japan Kendo Federation.
Unlike iaido, jodo trainings are performed as paired work, and unlike kendo only kata are used with no sparring.
Technically jodo is based on jojutsu (杖術), which is like bojutsu (棒術) is concentrated on technics of defending from Japanese sword.
According to standards of All Japan Kendo Federation, jodo should be practiced with jo, made of red or white oak, with 128 cm length and 2.4 cm diameter.

Technical committee of iaido and jodo of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation is headed by Takashi KUROKI sensei (5 dan of Nishio ryu iaido).