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(Ukrainian) АНОНС – Всеукраїнський Турнір з кендо на Кубок Посла Японії в Україні

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3, 2, 1 here we go!!! – IX Kharkiv Kendo Cup

The IX International Kharkiv Kendo Cup well held at 21st of July. Almost 150 kenshi and about 30 teams from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Israel took part in this competition.

Kiev Kendo Federation won the first place in Team competition. Denys Fedchuk the captain of the team also got the 3d place in individual tournament.

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(Ukrainian) VI Всеукраїнській Турнір з кендо на Кубок Посла Японії в Україні

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The 5th Annual Ukrainian National Kendo Tournament for Japanese Ambassador’s Cup took place in Kiev on 15-16 of October. This time, the tournament was held under the slogan “Joined by gratitude – with thanksgiving in heart.” Continue reading →

International kendo seminar

On May 28-29 Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo Federation of Ukraine has organized a seminar under guidance of its president Godai Hiroki sensei, 3 dan kendo. And despite format of the seminar that presumed participation of clubs members and partners of the Federation, it had undoubtedly the status of International seminar!

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International Nishio Budo seminar in Odessa

International Nishio Budo seminar under the guidance of Takashi Kuroki sensei (5 dan Nishio-ryu Taido, 5 dan Nishio-ryu Iaido, 5 dan Nishio-ryu Jodo, 5 dan Aikido Aikikai) took place in Odessa on April, 16-17 2011. The seminar was organized by YUFUKAN (Nishio Budo centre in Ukraine) with the assistance of Odessa regional federation of Kendo and Budo in the sport club Tiger.

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Relations with Japan

President Hiroki Godai visited several cities in Japan and hold a meeting with Japanese Sensei in November 2010, in the frames of the Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Ukrainian Federation measures for strengthening international cooperation.

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SportAccord Combat Games 2010 Beijing

August 28 – September 4, 2010 Beijing (China) hosted the first World Games martial arts (SportAccord Combat Games 2010 Beijing).
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