3, 2, 1 here we go!!! – IX Kharkiv Kendo Cup

The IX International Kharkiv Kendo Cup well held at 21st of July. Almost 150 kenshi and about 30 teams from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Turkey, Israel took part in this competition.

Kiev Kendo Federation won the first place in Team competition. Denys Fedchuk the captain of the team also got the 3d place in individual tournament.

It was a three year run to get 1st place finally, starting from 2011 when we got 3d place by losing to the winners team Solki, then 2012 we have got the second place lost to Kazakhstan – Moscow team only by difference of ippon and finally 2013 by attending it in almost the same squad we have won by beating the Israel team in the final and got the Cup from the hands of Sumi Sensei.


We would like to express our gratefulness to all of you whom supported us through the tournament, to our club and federation members for their high attitude during the trainings to all our friends in Ukraine and abroad for their warm support and belief.

The special gratitude to our Sensei: Masao Suenaga Sensei and Hijikata Naohito Sensei and especially to Godai Hiroki Sensei for willingness and patience for strict approach to the keikos and shinsa and for the love to the kendo which we are inheriting from you.

At the conclusion we would like to wish health and patience to all kenshi on their Path, we wish the True Way of the Ancients will do help us to be a part of the beauty of Kendo as martial art.

Kiev Kendo Federation